Whatever your reasoning might be, now is always the right time to make positive changes to your body, your diet, and your general health and well being. While it might be tempting to grab one of those fun snacks you see on the shelf at the grocery store, here are four reasons you should reach for some fresh fruit, veggies, high protein options, or whole grains.

1. The Right Foods Keep You Regular

We’ve all been there. Constipation is an uncomfortable struggle for many people. No matter how often you deal with constipation, not being able to easily and comfortably use the bathroom is never fun. Here at Cary Gastro, we’ve seen it all, and want to make sure you’re setting yourself up for success in that department. With a diet rich in fiber, whole grains, and fruits and veggies, you’re much more likely to stay regular.

2. You’ll Be More Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Carrying extra weight is not good for your overall health. It’s a risk factor for a host of diseases including diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. With the right food choices, you can achieve a comfortable and healthy weight, making it easier to live your life and lower your risk of all of these long-term health issues. We understand that establishing a good diet and exercise routine might be a challenge to some, but you can start seeing results even through small changes.

3. You Can Reduce Inflammation

Your body has a natural reaction to fight harm, whether it’s in the form of an injury or the introduction of a foreign substance in the body, like toxins released from excess fat cells. Acute inflammation, your body’s response to fighting injuries, is necessary to healing. However, chronic inflammation, which happens when your body is fighting off these substances, might cause you long-term damage. As a result of all these extra cells, your blood vessels might begin to build up plaque, restricting proper blood flow and potentially leading to heart attack or stroke. An anti-inflammatory diet might be just what you need to help reduce this chronic inflammation. But don’t worry, you don’t have to deprive yourself. There are a lot of tasty foods you can eat while working toward weight loss and lowering inflammation in your body.

4. Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

We’ve saved the best for last. Perhaps the most amazing benefit of a proper diet and exercise is in your mind. No, not in your mind as in your imagination, but in your mind as in your mental health. Studies have linked depression to poor food choices, and observed a marked increase in your mental health when a healthy diet is introduced. There are many reasons people suffer from depression, so we’re not saying that eating the right foods will be a quick fix, but it might help put you on a path to better overall mental health, and certainly physical health.

If you find yourself reading this and thinking “Wow, this sounds like me!”, you should come visit the Cary Gastroenterology team. Book an appointment to come talk to us. We can help monitor your overall GI health as it relates to every aspect of your life. If you need help establishing a proper diet and exercise routine in order to reach these goals, we can put you on the right track.